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Hello, some of you might know me (falconarrow12 previous staff member on intelyc) Well... I just wanna say that i'm back from a long break of tests and stress. Well, to all the new players that might wanna know me, I will do a little introduction. 

I am  a 13 year old boy from sweden that loves school and video games. I spend atleast 5hours a day in front of my computer gaming on. Gaming is basically my passion. My hobbies are: Alpine skiing and swimming. I'd love new players to meet me in game and i'd love to meet new players too! 

Say hi if you see me ingame ;)!

Username: falconarrow12

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Hey there, falconarrow12 - welcome back!


I look forward to seeing you in-game.


- OfficialLeo_

Intelyc Senior Moderator

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