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How do I join subteams?


In this guide you will learn what subteams are and how to join them!


If you're an experienced member of the community that wants to be more active within Intelyc, or you want to feel like you're contributing to our development without being a staff member, then you can join our community subteams!


Teams are either staff only or both staff and community. You do not need a rank to join a community subteam - all you have to do is apply!


A team can either be marked as "Closed" or "Open". If a team is closed, it usually means it is not accepting applications or is invite only. Open teams are those which have an application which you can join. There will be announcements in our discord server as to what teams are open for the community, and when they close to applications.


Additionally, you can contact the person in charge of the team for more information or any questions about the application.


Current Subteams for Community Members

  • CoEA - Event Assistance | Contact Evgeen
  • CoQA - Quality Assurance | Contact iiHarv or FoggyIO
  • Translations | Contact Firjen or Volcanicer


We sometimes conduct open testing sessions which do not have any requirements - if you wish to help us test but don't want to join a subteam, you can still help out here! Additionally, if you wish to have a larger range of subteams to join, you can always apply for helper here.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any staff member.

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