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  • By Firjen, in Server Updates,

    Intelyc V1.0.2 Update
    We had new maps and games on the planning, but due to a lack of builders and developers we aren't able to release them yet. Coming soon.
    Some cool new features!
    General changes:
    Added subteams to player profile's. Builders, Media and YouTube now receive the Mystic rank for free. This will not override their previous donator rank. Added 2 new preferences, Chat and Hub News! Builders can now disable or enable Hub Velocity. You can now no longer throw TNT at builders. :-( You can now see the player's tag next-to their username ingame! (http://prntscr.com/i3wf6t) We've started working on a report system, next update you'll be able to report those pesky rule breakers (There haven't been any since the release) Your forum rank and username should now update correctly, #BlameFirjen  
    Hub Changes:
    You now receive the latest patch notes on join if a new patch was released, you must have Hub News enabled You now receive the 3 latest news on your screen when you join, can be disabled with Hub News You now see the five latest news on the top of your screen, our team will be announcing events, updates and more.  
    Arcade Changes:
    Next to the new games that were released, there were a lot of bugfixes
    Added a news bar in the Arcade Updated the Arcade to the newest version of the newest, woot woot! Added more things for game devs, such as spawning corpses on dead, using custom sounds, etc. Spectators are no longer able to block projectiles, such as arrows, fishing rod, etc.  
    ASE is now even seeing more!

    The moderators will now be assissted by ASE Anti Cheat. The All Seeing Eye is invisible but seeing everything. This includes chat, gameplay and everything it must watch. It'll be collecting data until it's ready to go live. Our old anti cheat Guard is retiring as it wasn't really compatible with our games. ASE Anti Cheat will most likely not be banning hackers very often as we've made ASE very lenient with hackers, just to collect data about them and make ASE the best one out 
    There are multiple ways ASE will deal with hackers, a hacker can either be banned whilst playing a game, you'll know it with a cool ban animation that gets everyone's attention. ASE can also decide to put someone on a ban wave, next time they login they can be banned. ASE can also decide to give someone a competitive ban for a defined or undefined amount of time. TL;DR: ASE does whatever it has to do to make your experience on Intelyc without any rule breakers.
    ASE will also help moderate the chat. ASE can issue warnings, mutes and even bans if required.

    By Firjen, in Server Updates,

    Hey Hey fellow Intelicians!
    It has been one week without updates. I mean, we've just released 1 week ago. Thanks to all your great support, suggestions and bug reports we have been able to roll out a patch for all the issues found and suggestions given. Let's roll it.
    Changes to Arcade:
    Arcade rewritten, too much to list. Fixed the  game rewards, they are now consistent and higher. You now get more global experience for playing games. Requires less experience to level up. (Sadly had to do a level reset.) Fix to event commands, loads of new features. (EA Report) Fixed an issue with borders and spectators quitting them. (Community Report) Villager Assassins normal and 2-teams gold generators now generate .4 seconds faster. (Community Suggestion) Villager Assassins normal and 2-teams villagers are now taking damage .02s faster. Making them easier and faster to kill Added food to your villager. You can now purchase regeneration soups, golden carrots and apples. (QA & Community Suggestion) Added Bows and Arrows to the villager shop (QA Suggestion) Added Snowballs to the villager shop (QA & Community Suggestion) Fixed a Scoreboard alive issue, thanks Niff for always breaking our games. Added team chat, start your message with # to use the team chat feature. Added /spec which can be enabled on some servers to enable people to be a permanent spectator. Added a vanish-system for our moderators. You don't see them, but they can see you. Started to work on support for a Disguise / Nick system. Your tab name now represents your team color.  
    Changes to the Lobby:
    New achievements New scoreboard Scoreboard now updates correctly You can now send and receive gifts Fixed that everyone had the Love particle unlocked, #BlameFirjen Chest rewards chances are now different.  
    General Changes:
    Player login and management is now faster. Chat Slow and Chat Silence is now available in every server Fixed the admin command to give rewards.  
    What to expect?
    There'll be a quest system coming soon in the upcoming updates. There'll be more games released soon. There'll be even more achievements. A lot more features to donator ranks. The price of donator ranks is currently very low. Purchase one now for cheap, because whenever the amazing features get added, their price will go back up to normal.  
    This update mostly includes performance fixes and a lot of internal magic.
    Don't forget to leave your suggestions and thoughts about those changes and updates down below in the comments!
    Have a nuggetful day!
    - Firjen

    By sequela, in Server Updates,


    Incase you weren't aware, we released our server to the public on the 1st January 2018. Considering we're still a small community, having 12 people online at a maximum was very good for us. We encountered some things that needed fixing and we have started work to patch those. Overall, the release went very smoothly and it seemed that everyone had a great time!
    Please, invite your friends to our discord, so everyone can see when we have special events on, as we're constantly trying to bring out new content to keep surpassing that player record. Everyone's welcome! Remember, our IP is play.intelyc.com .
    Thanks for supporting our relatively small server thus far,
    Intelyc Staff Team


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