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Community Giveaways

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All giveaways hosted by the Intelyc community should be posted in here.
NB: Different rules apply, you need a minimum of 20 forum posts to post in here.

Giveaway Rules

NB: The community guidelines still apply.

Do not redirect your giveaway elsewhere.
All your giveaways must be hosted on the Intelyc website, you may not redirect the giveaway to a channel/video/etc. All the giveaway details and requirements must be clearly indicated in the giveaway forum.

The maximum duration of a giveaway is one month.
You can host your giveaway for a shorter duration, but one month is the maximum.

You can only giveaway Intelyc related prizes.
You can only give away items related to Intelyc, which includes item-keys, coins, etc.
However, you are allowed to giveaway art, eg. banners, avatars, drawing's, etc. as long it's created by the author.

The only requirement your giveaway may have is a date.
You may not create g oal to reach before you end your giveaway. You must set a finish date within one month. (Eg. "I'll be chosing a winner on December 25th.")

You may not advertise your YouTube or Twitch channel, Server, Website, etc.

You may not create fake giveaways.

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