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  3. Rabbit pet problems

    Whenever I spawn a rabbit pet it says it's spawned in chat, but never appears in the lobby.
  4. Weekend Hangout + Rainbow Tag

    This is event where you able to hang out with Staff and Event Hosts and play some games for a couple of hours. Beside of games we will play new event map - Rainbow Tag. On this map every player can get a prize. We will give different dyes to each participant, and they have to dye sheeps with given color. Player with the most sheeps of his color will win and get a Ethereal Chest, but others, who will not win, will get 2 Magical chests. Join us on time on /server EVENT-1 and have fun!
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  6. Much LT, very respectful, much wow.


    1. SirDog


      such wow

  7. Villager villager...

    The villagers trade things thing with eachother
  8. Villager villager...

    What do villagers do? Try to comment with something creative such as "villagers go to the gym on saturday"
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